Imagination is the path to success

Imagination is how we create new possibilities for ourselves (space). This added space gives us room to grow. If you can not imagine yourself succeeding at your goal how can you even begin to achieve it?

As a recovering negative self motivator, I understand how hard it is to create this space for yourself. Recently I have been looking into Lucid Dreaming as a possible way to create this space.

Lucid Dreaming is a concept where through different techniques one can learn to detach their body from their mind and dream but at the same time know it is a dream and willfully interact with it. So far in my investigation it has been much like other meditations I have found you may find you have some things to deal with personally before you can move forward. I don’t want to speak too much about my experience because I do not want to influence anyone else’s experience.

YouTube has some great guided meditations and binaural sound meditations that can help with this process. This is one I have found to be helpful to me

Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with Lucid Dreaming…


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