I am an Assistant Instructor At Meng’s of Richmond, we teach a martial arts system, Shaolin Wing Chun, as it was originally discovered by the Shaolin monks.  Our knwledge traces back to both the Northern and Souther Shaolin Temples.  It is a system that is not limited by style or technique.  It is a complete martial arts system addressing all ranges of hand-to-hand combat, i.e. Ti, Da, Shuai, Na otherwise known as kicking, striking, trapping, and grappling.  At Meng’s of Richmond, students experience the “original” MMA.

Wing Chun specifically traces its origins to the Southern Shaolin Temple at the end of the Ming dynasty where a meeting of minds occurred between Shaolin warrior monks, military personnel, and community martial artists. This convergence of knowledge gave birth to a martial arts  representing a theoretical framework for a maximally efficient and effective combat system.  One can see Wing Chun’s effectiveness through the accomplishments of some of its famous practitioners like Bruce Lee and his teacher Yip Man (Ip Man).  As we are aligned with no style, all schools of martial arts thought are our brethren, and we teach the concepts that allow our students to thrive in whatever environment they find themselves be it a martial arts school or life itself.


At Meng’s of Richmond, the goal is to teach our students to achieve their ultimate potential.  Our most important emphasis is cultivating the self.  We strive to produce warriors not fighters.  Warriors aim to conquer themselves rather than searching to dominate others.  Tracing our lineage back to the Shaolin temples of old, we bring that knowledge to the present day.  In this manner, we hope to create the warriors that can forge a better world.

We offer a 2 week free trial which allows you to try out all of the appropriate classes for 2 weeks FREE.  And early sign-up gets you a free uniform!  Please call us at 765-966-6007 to set up an appointment.

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