First Hall Training

I recently got in gear and started working on my first hall hall training. In the Shaolin Temple there were 4 training halls. Each one of these halls were for certain types of training. The First Hall was were you worked on your physical, mental, and spiritual training. This is the hall that most of the monks spend their lives in.

At the start of this training I weighed 230 lbs. That is wildly overweight for my size. I was still able to train, teach, compete, and defend myself at this weight but I knew it was too heavy. And after severely injuring my Meniscus a year ago I really started to feel it. I am still not fully recovered from that injury and I know it’s because of my weight.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed a proven system I could follow. So I bought the DVD’s and other addons for Focus T25. Focus T25 was created by Shaun T, who also created the Insanity system as well several others.  Did buying T25 in some way lessen my Kung-Fu system? No, I could have put together a system of forms, stretches, etc. to create the same thing, but I am not an exercise specialist, so I would have months to years of trail and error before I perfected my system.

I will be blogging about my thoughts, feelings, and the down ‘n dirty data about my first hall training. You can see all of these posts by click here.

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